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One thought on “Contact

  1. Debra, it’s been toooo long! You know me by my former name, David. Long story but it’s legally Skeek now. Anyway, I was cleaning out my office and found a bunch of old writings you critiqued for me.

    You were an amazing teacher and you always balanced honesty with genuine supportiveness. I grew a lot as a result of your teaching and mentorship.

    Much has happened since we last spoke, I have moved towards film making and wrote/directed a short film (“Near”) which you can see on my website (it debuted at the Gasparilla International Film Festival a couple years ago). As a creative director / commercial director I’ve moved towards telling stories on screen. I have written a screenplay that turns “Near” into a feature film but my gut says it’s not quite ready yet. Do you critique screen plays? I know it’s a different animal
    but its still storytelling. Let me know. Love to reconnect sometime.

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