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For the past 15 years, I’ve had the honor of working with many really fine authors, both privately in 1:1 coaching and editing sessions and as a creative writing instructor at the University of South Florida.   I’m proud of  their successes, so let me tell you about a few of the most recent ones.

Most recent additions to the client successes include:

CreateADynamicYear20141Create A Dynamic Year 2014: The Divine Feminine Way to Rhythmically Create A Rich & Fulfilling Year, by Lisa Michaels

The work we did together: Lisa’s experience included writing blog posts associated with the rhythmic timings of the Wheel of the Year. I suggested a book to Lisa, one that would collect all her wisdom in one place. Lisa liked the idea; I edited her raw material, making changes, adding to, and asking her for updates. Our collaboration resulted in the book product that you can purchase today, both in paperback and on Kindle.

ProsperousPriestess_cov-V3-200x300Prosperous Priestess Handbook: A Guide to Unlock the Secret Riches of Your Inner Creation Goddess by Lisa Michaels

The work we did together: Lisa came to me with the beginnings of this book. This was content she’d been sharing with her clients and pulling it all together in one book was a brilliant idea. After reading her draft, I made suggestions for structural changes, then line-edited and formatted the manuscript to create the book you can buy in either paperback or on Kindle. This book became a #1 bestseller on Amazon in the New Age category.

lorenbucknerbookParentWise: The Emotional Challenges of Family Life And How To Deal With Them by Loren Buckner

The work we did together: As a psychotherapist, Loren wanted to create a book that combined 3 things: her therapy practices and beliefs, examples of real life effectiveness of these practices, and encouragement to readers to apply the principles to their own lives. Loren needed help envisioning her book in it’s final form. We worked together to create a structure for each chapter. From there, she was able to smooth her content into a final draft. I edited it to its final form. Available in paperback and on Kindle.

AlbertTiseoSunsetParkBookcoverSunset Park, by Albert J. Tiseo

The work we did together: Albert and I started working together a number of years ago after he’d written his first novel, Love Interrupted. Since then, he’s gone on to write 8 more books. This one in particular captured both of our hearts. In this case, I became Albert’s editorial advisor and tuor. He wrote drafts; I showed him what’s working and what’s not working, and taught him the essence of the cratft. He rewrote; and returned a new draft. This is how a novel comes together — over months as the writer improves his craft.

JewellHarwoodA reader can’t help but be smitten by the charming characters who navigate the changes that move them from backwoods isolation into tentative participation in the 20th century in Judy (Jewell) Harwood‘s full-length multi-generational memoir, Swimming Upriver: Coming of Age in Appalachia, recently published by Outskirts Press.

swimmingupriverSet in eastern Kentucky in the heart of the Appalachian coal mining culture, Swimming Upriver, captures the unsteady, hardscrabble lifestyle of people who work close to the land. From pure innocence to engaging intrigue, Swimming Upriver: Coming of Age in Appalachia includes everything a bestselling memoir should: secrets, shame, deceit, denial, love, laughter, resourcefulness and resiliency.

RuthEJones-smRuth E. Jones is a publishing powerhouse with her many recent publications. Ruth attributes her publishing successes to always having something going as a work-in-process while also watching the calls for submissions and submitting often to contests, literary journals, and anthologies.

COCAdoptiveRuth’s most recent publication is her personal essay/memoir, titled “An Answer, Without Question,” in Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families.

ruthe-e-jones Her essay personal essay/memoir, “Goodness Knows” is in Voices of Alzheimer’s, an anthology of healing. A physical therapist, Ruth wrote a touching personal story about one of her patients. To find out more about this anthology and the opportunity to write for future anthologies on healing, go to

Ruth’s personal essays have also appeared in the St. Petersburg Times, including the Sunday Journal section.

Ruth began writing memoir during her first writing course Introduction to Writing Life Stories with Debra in 2004. She has continued her studies with Debra, most recently participating in the 90 Day Write Right NOW program.

AlmostDiedCoverJerry Walter‘s tenacious nature paid off time and time again as he completed his memoir. Almost Died Stories develops the life story of an earnest, self-made man, a genuine risk-taker whose resourcefulness never wavered, even into adulthood.

JerryWaltersWritten originally for his children,  his stories of youthful escapades and workplace situations that indeed defy death span five decades.  Geographically, Almost Died Stories takes the reader from Minnesota to Florida, to Texas and California, places in between, and ultimately, back to Florida again.

dont-go-to-rome-without-this Don’t Go To Rome Without This!

Flavors of Rome: How, What & Where To Eat In The Eternal City is a hot off the presses paperback that guides travelers to Do As The Romans Do-that is eat well and steer clear of the many tourist traps. Author Carol Coviello-Malzone has lived part-time in an apartment overlooking the Campo de’ Fiori for 15 years, and has thoroughly immersed herself in the city’s culinary culture. Included are reviews of 39 of her favorite moderately priced restaurants, a glossary to help you translate any menu, and a most informative “Rules of Eating” chapter where she covers everything from the basics — “If you ask for a latte, you’ll be handed a glass of milk” to “If you see an * next to a menu item, that means ingredients have been frozen, so it’s better to order something else.”

The slim volume easily fits in a purse or jacket pocket – a must-carry for visitors looking for the best food in Rome. To order visit the Flavors of Rome website.

donne-e-glausserWhen she retired in 2005 after 20 years as the Hillsborough County Head Start Director in Tampa, FL, Donna E. Glausser decided it was time to gather the family stories and write them down. Since then, she’s completed three volumes for her family and is working on a fourth.

Her recent publications include:

Donna successfully completed all 3 e-courses in the WritingTogether Memoir Series and participated in Spring 2007’s 90 Day Write Right NOW program.

barbarsartor2Barbara Sartor is a publishing wonder machine. At the age of 82, the rest of us envy her creative energy. She is a regular contributor to the Christian Science Monitor.

Read her most recent personal essay

Barbara is also a frequent contributor to the Sunday Journal section of the St. Pete Times.

Barbara was also an enthusiastic participant in Spring 2007’s 90 Day Write Right NOW.  Tell us, Barbara. Where do you get all this creative energy?

Read more Barbara Sartor samples

Dr. Sylvia Alvarez Johnson‘s poignant memoir/article Raising Cadence was published in the July 2009 issue of Psychotherapy Networker in their popular Family Matters section.

Stanley Reahard, a Carolina native, has completed her memoir and is seeking an agent and/or publisher.   The Island: Then and Now is a regional and personal story of how development and the courses of nature have swept away the Isle of Palms Stanley knew as a child.

Carol Ringold‘s short short story “Who Wins” was recently selected by Cool Plums as a winning entry for publication in Rosebud Magazine. Carol is currently enrolled in the low-residency MFA program in creative writing at Queens University of Charlotte, NC.

Tricia E. Bratton‘s “The Courage to Heal” was published in Sept. 2006 in the “Faith Matters” Section of the Tampa Tribune. She is currently working on a novel and is studying with Connie May Fowler in a Below Sea Level workshop for serious writers.

Kathleen Connolly Baker’s book, The Expressive Journal Writer’s Notebook, is now available at her website. Her essays and articles have appeared in the Tampa Tribune, Florida Sports Magazine, The Story Circle Journal and The Journal of Poetry Therapy.

Michelle Rego Reatini is a frequent contributor to Ministry & Liturgy, a professional magazine for members of the parish ministry team. Michelle has also finished her how-to book and is seeking an agent or publisher for The Church Musician’s Soul Survival Manual: A Guide for Pastoral Musicians And Those Close to Them.

Susan J. Nickerson’s story “Baby Girl” was published in Open Mind Quarterly.

This is her second acceptance in Open Mind Quarterly. Susan’s stories have also appeared in The Compassionate Friends’ national magazine; the anthology Palm Prints; and Alone Together by Raven Publishing.

Susan has completed her novel, Amazing Grace, and is currently seeking an agent or publisher. Amazing Grace is a heart-wrenching, laugh out loud, coming of age story set amid the backdrop of the turbulent sixties in a family brimming with quirky characters and deeply rooted secrets. As Grace trudges through the messy muck of loss, she copes with an emotionally absent mother who finds solace in a bottle of Valium. Toss in an aging hippie uncle, his ethereal flower child girlfriend, Grace’s sweet, loveable kid sister who believes just because they’re from Salem, Massachusetts, witchcraft might actually bring their daddy back, and you’ll understand why Grace dreams of a better life on the streets of Haight-Ashbury, where love flows and flowers grow. When a shocking family secret shatters what little faith Grace had left, she struggles to find a solid foothold.

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