Video Post – Do You Doodle?

Do you doodle?

Are you a simpleton? A fool? Perhaps you swindle or ridicule? Or maybe you’re a corrupt politician?

Creative genius and visual entrepreneur Sunni Brown shares what it means to doodle in this 6 minute video. What does doodling have to do with writing?

Watch the video, then continue reading below.

What does doodling have to do with writing? As creative artists, writers need to practice “thinking” via various modalities. If a picture is worth 1000 words, then perhaps it’s a visual representation that’s the gateway to the words.

Some ways doodling may lead to heightened creativity:

  • Map out characters in a setting as a way to develop a scene. That will lead you to choreographing character movements as well as setting details.
  • Use doodles to get inside your protagonist’s head; what would he/she draw? and why? That will lead you to their motivations
  • Create a set of doodle icons as you edit your work; for instance, a swirly “G” might mean “check grammar.” A stick man “I” might mean indent or insert more content.
  • Choose doodling over dawdling. When you’re stuck for what’s next, just doodle. As Brown points out, making spontaneous marks helps us think. Doodling could be the answer to what’s right around the corner for your next sentence, paragraph or scene.

For more information on creative doodling, check out Sunni Brown’s book, Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers.

Change Your World with Two Powerful Mindset Shifts

Today’s article comes to us from guest author Vicky White of Life Design Strategies.

Is it time to step more fully into your power?

Two of your divine feminine gifts will help you do just that. Here they are and you’ll find a powerful mindset shift to make for each.

First: Owning your own authority. Instead of trusting ourselves, we’ve been conditioned to question our own judgment. This is a huge energy drain. When you trust yourself you don’t need to look outside of yourself for validation.

When you do not trust yourself you start to question everything you do. You make yourself vulnerable. You cannot move forward without friction.

As humans we are wired to look outside ourselves and base our behavior on what others are doing. To trust yourself you are going against societal conditioning, and you are going against your own wiring. But it’s so worth it!

When you trust your own authority, when you trust yourself, you know you can make the best decisions for YOU. This is a gift you give yourself.

Here is a belief you can embrace that will support you: There is no such thing as a mistake. And there is nothing you can do that you can’t find the gift in and turn into the positive.

So, if you knew you couldn’t make a mistake what would that allow you to do?

Trusting your own authority puts you in a place of power. You can take risks. You get to say “yes” to yourself.

Power Question: As a woman (or powerful creative) who owns her own authority and trusts herself, what do I know to be true?

Second: Embracing your creativity. No matter what business you are in, creativity is your business. ALL of your income comes from your creativity. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, this is true. Money is another form of creative energy.

How would your business shift if you valued your creativity? Really valued it?

What would you do more of, what would you do less of? Who would you BE?

There is a big difference between creativity and VALUING your creativity. How do you create an environment that supports your creativity? How do YOU create the container that makes space for your creative process? Where does inspiration pop for you?

Here are some ways you might do it, or do it more often!

Being in nature, taking a nap, going on retreat, doing nothing, books, connecting with others, dancing, exercising, walking, meditating, journaling, travel, playing with animals, self-care, soulcollage®, clearing your clutter! It’s all about creating space for inspiration and creativity, and usually this does not from being busy, busy, busy!

If you are in business you might have heard it recommended to focus on the income producing activities first.

What if you did the creative activities first? They are income producing activities – they are one and the same. When you shift your focus in this way it makes all the other activities easier. When you look at list building, marketing, putting a program together, or any of the activities in YOUR business as creative activities, you see them differently. So you come to them with a different energy – which brings different results.

Your divine feminine mindset shift: Creativity is a money making activity.

I invite you to be curious. Take these beliefs on and play with them. See what happens next!

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