Do You Know How to Use Online Video Yet

85 Million People Can’t Be Wrong!

Imagine this: If you had a video posted on YouTube last month,
your potential audience was 85 Million viewers!

Online Video is hot right now and it’s only getting hotter.

YouTube is now the 4th most visited site on the Internet,
and the 2nd most popular search engine behind Google.

Several months ago, I realized I needed to know how to gain access
to that enormous audience.

Fortunately, I knew two of the best experts to show me how to do it:
my friends Denise Wakeman and Lou Bortone.

I took a 75 minute training with Denise and Lou,
and voila! I immediately knew:
1. what equipment to buy
2. where to buy it
3. how to use the equipment for best effect
4. how to upload my videos to my website,
to my blog, to YouTube, anywhere online
5. how to integrate still snapshots into online video too.

Additionally, I learned lots of online tools I’d never have known
about if I hadn’t taken the training with Denise and Lou.

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Why do you need video?

More and more, internet users are expecting to have a 1:1 experience
with the websites and blogs they visit. Visitors want to get to know you,
see you in action, hear your voice.

Whether you’re promoting a book, an ezine article, a new product
or subscription, people get to know, like and trust you better
when you share your personal stories.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn easy ways to
use video to promote your books, increase your visibility and get more clients!

I look forward to seeing your next video online. Send me a link, will you? It’s easy to do. Just place your URL in the comments box below. Good taste videos only, please. What fun, eh?!?!