An Essential Book for Writers – How Stories Work

No doubt, every writing instructor has their favorite books to recommend. My own bookshelf of writing related books sags from the weight of books I love. Every one of them holds a significant message for the writer and her craft, but few capture a set of basics as well as Margaret Lucke’s basic how-to for creating compelling stories. Whether you’re new to writing, or a seasoned pro, whether you write novels, short stories, flash fiction or memoir, this one book packs the best of the basics in a slim volume of 160 pages.


1.  Writing A Short Story–Getting Started

2.  Characters–How to Create People Who Live and Breathe On the Page

3.  Conflict–How to Devise A Story That Readers Won’t Want to Put Down

4.  Plot and Structure–How To Shape Your Story and Keep It Moving Forward

5.  Setting and Atmosphere–How To Bring Readers Into A Vivid Story World

6.  Narrative Voice–How To Develop Your Individual Voice As a Writer

Includes: extensive reading list, quick guide to submitting manuscripts for publication, how to format your manuscript



Video – My FAVORITE Must Have Book for Writers

When it comes to this writing tool, I’m a rabid proponent that EVERY writer MUST have the J.I. Rodale Synonym Finder on his or her bookshelf.

You’ll see why when you watch this video.

Don’t wait another minute to add this book to your Writer’s Essential Bookshelf. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone writes without a plethora of word choices right there at their fingertips. Do you?


Video Post – Writer’s Essential Bookshelf

How old is your dictionary? Do you even HAVE a good dictionary? Is it the one you used in college or before?

Make sure you have up-to-date writing resources on your Writer’s Essential Bookshelf.