Video Post – Do You Doodle?

Do you doodle?

Are you a simpleton? A fool? Perhaps you swindle or ridicule? Or maybe you’re a corrupt politician?

Creative genius and visual entrepreneur Sunni Brown shares what it means to doodle in this 6 minute video. What does doodling have to do with writing?

Watch the video, then continue reading below.

What does doodling have to do with writing? As creative artists, writers need to practice “thinking” via various modalities. If a picture is worth 1000 words, then perhaps it’s a visual representation that’s the gateway to the words.

Some ways doodling may lead to heightened creativity:

  • Map out characters in a setting as a way to develop a scene. That will lead you to choreographing character movements as well as setting details.
  • Use doodles to get inside your protagonist’s head; what would he/she draw? and why? That will lead you to their motivations
  • Create a set of doodle icons as you edit your work; for instance, a swirly “G” might mean “check grammar.” A stick man “I” might mean indent or insert more content.
  • Choose doodling over dawdling. When you’re stuck for what’s next, just doodle. As Brown points out, making spontaneous marks helps us think. Doodling could be the answer to what’s right around the corner for your next sentence, paragraph or scene.

For more information on creative doodling, check out Sunni Brown’s book, Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers.

3 thoughts on “Video Post – Do You Doodle?

  1. Thank you Debra for bringing this to our attention. I had read about the value of doodling before and it freed me. This reminds me that I need to get back to doodling again. A lot of creativity is snuffed out because of lack of knowledge in these areas. This is good and encouraging to see this study and to know the value of doodling.

    Thanks again for sharing this with us!

    Off to do some doodling. 🙂

  2. Doodling and TED are two of my favorite things. I found your site on the right brainers summit. Thank for your posting, I have a doodle section on my blog and others have tried to get me to re-title it as it seems unbecoming of what I do. I shall leave it there now. Over the years my own doodling has become more rendereing than just scribble, but they all start as a scribble. I then drift into a sort of doodle trance and draw for hours. Apart from this I am intrigued with the aspects of getting my own books completed, and will be following your informative site.

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