The Well of Creativity


I believe the well of creativity is always full — there for your taking, waiting patiently for you to dip in.  Using writing prompts as mini-assignments gives you the dipper to draw your personal connections from the deep recesses of the well.  If you’re looking for writing inspiration, trust the prompts to trigger fresh possibilities.

Suggested Steps

1.  Read the writing prompts.

2.  Quickly, write down anything that comes to mind for each.  First thoughts… uncensored.  (My recommendation:  a writer’s notebook or journal as a tool you use consistently for recording these first thoughts.  The writer’s journal becomes your personal written archive for more material and personalized writing prompts.)

3.  If one of the prompts spurs you to write more, go for it!  Don’t stall.  The Muse is speaking now!  Don’t let her get away.

4.  Over the next few hours or days, allow the prompts to germinate.  Revisit them daily.  New thoughts may come.  Through your reticular activating system (RAS) the prompts will attract new material for you.  Allow the prompts to inspire your daily writing practice in unforeseen ways.

5.  Find a quiet place (or if you prefer raucous, then turn on the stereo, way up loud).  Practice a combination of:  Breathing – Stillness – Listening.

6.  Move.  Go for a walk.  Practice yoga.  Leave your desk.  Sit in a comfy chair.  Go out on the porch.  Take a drive.  It’s often here where you’ll “hear” fresh ideas too.

7.  Write.  Write.  Write.  Return to the prompts and to your initial thoughts.  Set a mini-goal to write 500 words on a selected prompt.  Then another…  Keep writing as long as you are inspired.

8.  Add to, refine and polish those that seem to have promise for “product pieces.”

9.  Trust the process.

10.  Make writing for practice, for process, or for product a priority for every day.

11.  Enjoy the journey!

5 thoughts on “The Well of Creativity

  1. I love not only the advice, but also the encouragement in what you wrote. Creative people require encouragement which helps them to keep the rivers of creativity flowing.

    After looking over your site, I’ve concluded that you are a encourager and our world needs more encouraging people like you.

    Many blessings to both you and your readers.

  2. Loving your idea of the ‘prompts’. I always light a little nightlight candle when I start – I tell myself it is to attract my writing muse. After some less than successful past attempts to keep up with the writing as well as doing clients, I am now feeling my way carefully towards finding my voice. So how nice to come upon your site (through Christina Hills) at this particular time – thank you

    • Thank you, Kaye. I love your ritual for attracting the writing muse. I’m happy to hear you’re writing again. And I look forward to connecting with you as you build your new website too. Thanks for stopping by here and leaving a comment. 🙂

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