National Get Organized Week – 1st Week in October

HousekeeperNational Get Organized Week is celebrated each year during the first full week of October–or at least it used to be.

Started by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) in 1992, Get Organized (GO) Week “was created to focus on the benefits of getting organized and the tools and techniques necessary to achieve that goal. This week is an opportunity to streamline your life, create more time, lower your stress and increase your profit. Simplify your situation and make it more manageable by taking advantage of this time to get organized.”

Call me old school but I still like October as a time to clear the desk mess even though in 2005, NAPO moved National GO (Get Organized) Week to National GO (Get Organized) Month to January.

But hey, why not use October to set fresh goals to burn through to the end of the year? After all, October’s the beginning of the final quarter of the year so why not set in motion a final push to get things done?

Writers, let’s GO this week and use these tips for writers to clear the clutter and make a fresh start!

GO, right now. Grab a broom, a mop, and a dust bin (that’s old school talk for “trash can”). Roll up your sleeves, put on some rockin’ movin’ music and do this:

  1. Take everything off your desk or writing table. That means everything.
  2. Give your desk or writing table a really good clean–dust the top, the sides and bottom, then sweep or vacuum all around it.
  3. Put back only the essential “hard” tools, such as your computer components, lamp, phone, etc.
  4. Eliminate unnecessary clutter created by knickknacks and chotchkes. I’m all for little mementos too but place them on a shelf or windowsill, away from your desk surface, which should be reserved for your creative projects ONLY.
  5. Turn your PILES into FILES. That means going through the piles of paper and organizing them into categories. Put LIKE with LIKE, and give the former PILE a FILE folder with a label.
  6. Organize your files in a stand-up fashion, using a rack system. Your rack system might be file drawers.  Or, file boxes, tubs or totes.  Or, create a rack-type space between two strong book ends to hold the files in place. (I like to get creative and use “found objects” such as vases filled with sand or rocks to make decorative book ends.)
  7. If possible, place your rack-type system away from the surface of your desk, perhaps on a credenza or within a filing drawer. That way, your desk is open for your writing, and thus, is more open to your creativity without the visual noise and clutter.

Look around your writing space now. What do you see? Remember, clutter drains your energy. It zaps your creativity too. If there’s more to do, continue the process of decluttering and organizing. Twenty minutes a day is all it takes.

Clean up and clear out stuck energy. Make good use of the “old” National GO Week to get a jumpstart on finishing the year out as a savvy, productive writer.

Now it’s your turn… what will YOU do this week to take advantage of our personal celebration of National GO Week?

Please post a comment below with your ideas.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “National Get Organized Week – 1st Week in October

  1. Grab another green garbage bag and start to fill it with objects, books, papers and all the other stuff I have not touched in a year!
    Keep on inspiring us, Debra

    • Good for you, Donna! It’s amazing how this stuff accumulates, isn’t it? Just imagine how much clearer you’ll be on what matters and needs to stay. Thanks for your comment. So glad to know the article inspired you into action!

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