Confession Time – Coming Clean

I woke up this morning with a sudden urge to come clean with you.

I’m a procrastinator.
I have a difficult time making decisions.
Ask my sister. She’ll tell you.
And I’m a work in process.
I’m working on it.

It’s never too late to decide.
It’s never too late to decide to do things. Differently.

As a business owner, I must make decisions every day, difficult ones and sometimes easy ones. I like the easy ones, of course. Whether or not to have 1 bite of chocolate after lunch, for example. Easy. Yes. Thank you.

To be completely honest, I have to have helpers who hold me accountable, who ask me the right questions, and who challenge me to get out of my stuckness and keep things moving forward.

That’s why I’ve always worked with a coach. Someone I pay. Someone who let’s me bounce ideas around as part of the process of decision-making. My coach(es) – yes, it takes a village to raise me – and I have created amazing results together. I give them a lot of the credit because they deserve it.

Without coaches, procrastination, stuckness and failure to decide would always stand in the way of my successes. I’m totally convinced of that. So there’s the confession part.

Let’s face it: we all have great intentions. But of course, life gets in the way if we don’t have a structure and a plan. I know this is true because of how I’ve struggled.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to writing, and getting it done, it’s always helped me to have a safe, supportive environment, accompanied with fellow-writers, writing alongside, sharing the ins and outs of the writing life. I’ve always appreciated having a mentor, a coach or other ally to be my guide along the way too.

My greatest achievements have been accomplished when these things were in place:

  1. I had a plan.
  2. I had a support system.
  3. I had a level of accountability I felt comfortable with.
  4. I had a coach, a mentor, or other creative cohorts to spur me on.

I’ve created a mentoring program that fits all those pieces together. And I invite you into this inner circle to join me and others as we create something extra spectacular together this summer.

It’s never too late to decide to do things differently.

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6 thoughts on “Confession Time – Coming Clean

  1. This is a GREAT post, Debra.

    I just put together my own self-publishing team to help me get my chocolate travel book done this summer. I’ve got a self-publishing coach and mentor to bounce questions off of, a professional editor who will edit chapters as I get them done, and a designer who is ready to start working on the design. Putting together this team was the only way I could kick myself into gear as I am now accountable to them and to our schedule.

    So yes, I urge anyone who has been procrastinating on a large project to take you up on your offer, or to put together their own team and GET IT DONE!

    Happy summer writing, everyone!

    • Excellent, Doreen! Love the idea of a chocolate travel book. I love how you put together a team for your accountability to stem any thought of procrastination. You definitely decided what you needed to do and took action. Thanks for sharing how you work. It’s an inspiration to others. Good luck with everything leading to your publication date!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love to write, teach and inspire other. My husband and I are also putting a course together on finding your life niche through your passions. We believe that living with purpose, passion, freedom, love and trust is important in life, which we found through following what we love. We would love someday to put a book together with some of our writings and experiences. Always looking and researching on how to do this!

  3. Hello Debra
    I saw your name on the “rightbrainers” today, liked your comments and looked up your site.
    Have now have a blog up and running thanks to encouragement of Jen’s last workshop.
    Although my work posting is mostly art, Much is becoming writing. I am working at getting a couple childrens’ books published. they are written and I am illustrating now, but new writing concerns prompted me to take a look at your site. You have lots-andlots of things to read about, so it may take me a bit to know how to make a better comment, or ask a smart question.
    I think the blog is going to generate a new book idea as well. So I was pleased to find your site.
    Great of you to do this.

  4. Debra,
    I like the honesty that poured out from this post. I think lots of people, including me, kind of think the coach, the editor, the teacher or mentor, have few faults, particularly that they might be procrastinators to some degree! So, coming from you – the ‘go git it done girl’ in my eyes always – it’s surprising, but a relief to the rest of us procrastinators. See what I mean – it’s taken me over a month to get around to reading this post (dates never lie), not to mention finally being a Follower of your site.
    Mike Andberg

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