Debra Marrs

Who is Debra Marrs?

Simple answer:  Debra Marrs is an editor and coach for writers.  I’m a creative.  I’m a big picture thinker who takes the many pieces and fits them into a whole.  I take what’s good and make it better.  I perfect things.  It’s my nature.

I’m a writing teacher and coach.  I’m an entrepreneur who shows writers how to create content readers will want to buy.  I show writers how to get known for their excellent information and writing.  It’s a package.  You have to be good at both–getting known for something and writing really, really well and consistently.

I’m a lifelong teacher, who spent a dozen years in corporate America. Dissatisfied with it being “just a job” I started my own training and consulting firm in time management and organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Besides teaching others to get organized and manage their time, I began writing freelance articles on those topics.  I recognized then and still believe today that you can reach a much wider audience when you are able to communicate really well in writing.

My friendly “make a difference” teaching style landed me a gig as a business writing instructor and coach for a national seminar company.  I traveled around the U.S. teaching people like you how to turn their ideas into content people are eager to read.

I’m also a LEARNER; I enjoy learning new things, synthesizing them, and passing along information to others. I’ve been affectionately called the “clearinghouse for writers” and yes, I’d say that fits. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll almost always know where to go to find out.

I teach writers how to DEFINE, ORGANIZE AND REFINE their writing projects (ebooks, articles, how-to books, memoir and other creative nonfiction) for publication. My WHAT AUTHORS NEED TO KNOW series teaches would-be authors how to navigate the many, many resources and how-to’s that take them from conception to publication.

My love of words led  to teaching classes in journaling and memoir. That’s still a favorite area of my work because I enjoy hearing first, then reading, my clients life stories.

So there you have it: the genesis of my current work,  and how I became a mentor to writers just like you through a business and training environment where I support others as they stretch and reach for their dreams and goals as writers.

Please browse around my site.  I write articles daily that help you create “YOUR WRITE LIFE.”

Debra Marrs, Editor and Coach for Writers

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Debra Marrs, Editor and Coach for Writers

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